Toockie’s® Fair Trade Organic Cloth - 1 Pack

Toockie’s® Fair Trade Organic  Cloth - 1 Pack
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Scrub your kitchen counters, sinks, stainless steel, textured walls, without scratching, with these hand knit scrubbers from fair trade members in India. Every pack is personally signed by the artisan who made them. This product benefits those who make, sell, buy, use, and give them as gifts. Easy to use, they work best damp....just place under running water, and wring out excess. They provide an easy scrub and a hygienic alternative to sponges because they machine wash/dry to refresh and last for a very long time. Wash with any color or temperature, just stretch slight shrink and curled ends and reuse! Not intended to be absorbent. Natural and biodegradable. No chemical dyes. Even use it to exfoliate skin! For more information about the Fair Trade project, please watch the video.